Brian Epstein ran a furniture store. Colonel Tom Parker was a carnival barker. Simon Fuller sat at a desk in a publishing company. Sharon Osbourne didn't even have a job.

But when they got focused on helping their clients succeed, they changed popular culture forever.

Discover how the world's most effective music managers built the skills the drove their clients to stardom...

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"Breaking out" in the music business doesn't mean finding an established manager. Instead, truly successful musicians partner with trusted friends, family members, or business advisors who can grow into the manager role.

Here's everything I wish I knew about becoming a music manager when I started my own agency.

After working as a recording engineer, producer, and journalist, I thought it'd be an easy stretch to start managing musicians.

Boy, was I wrong.

So, I studied the careers of the most influential and effective music managers in history. I discovered that artists like The Beatles and Elvis Presley didn't vault to stardom on the backs of established industry veterans. Instead, they relied on trusted advisors with the raw skills necessary to negotiate great deals and develop talent.

I wrote this book for artists who want to take better control of their careers, and for prospective managers asked to help the musicians in their lives.

Inside the book, you'll discover...

  • What happens when musicians stop trying to impress "industry insiders" and focus on building a supportive audience.
  • Why a college music management degree doesn't matter, as long as you've got the basic skills and the capacity to grow.
  • How you can use trade publications, conferences, and online communities to "make up for lost time" when building music industry relationships.
  • Who should really be handling the money, and how much music managers should expect to get paid. (And WHEN.)
  • How to survive the ups-and-downs of a musician's career, and why dealing with sudden success can be a bigger challenge than surviving failure.

Consider this book the "missing first section" to the industry standard publications on music management and artist development.

About the author

Joe Taylor Jr.

Over the past two decades, I've interviewed hundreds of musicians, produced over a dozen albums, and managed promotional campaigns for everyone from indie artists to Fortune 500 companies.

Along with the notes I scribbed in my journals after every meeting with a successful musician, my books are full of strategies compiled by researching the habits of highly successful artists in a variety of disciplines.

I wrote these books because I'm a ravenous music fan, and I think it's important for our culture that independent artists succeed at getting their work in front of appreciative, supportive audiences.

What readers are saying

"Good and to the point. No frills and fluff. Not a lot of groundbreaking material, but very inspiring. Taylor writes the book as someone that's been in the same position you're currently in would which keeps it engaging and understandable. Definitely worth reading if you plan to be a manager and you're not working your way up at an agency."

Chris Jenkins
Verified Purchaser

"I recommend this book to those who are looking to go into music or production but don't have time or money to go the traditional route of learning. Again, great book!"

Verified Purchaser

"This book provided me with the basics of management. It also provided great resources of how to educate myself beyond this book."

C. Parks
Verified Purchaser

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About the Author

My name's Joe, and I've been working with musicians, artists, and other creative professionals for over twenty years.

I started my career in radio, worked my way into album production, and eventually ended up managing artists and building marketing campaigns for some fantastic clients.

When I first started writing about the music business in 1999, I wanted to ensure that independent musicians could find a balance between their insiprations and the realties of a tough, commercial marketplace.

Today, houses all of my writing and research for artists and managers who want to develop solid careers with the help of their perfect audiences.

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